Digital Wallet Account –  IChange

Shalom and welcome to the AICAT family!

We request that you please fill in the form below – which is needed to open your “Digital Wallet Account”

This form will ensure that you will receive your SIM card upon arriving in Israel guaranteeing no delays in the setup of your digital wallets.

Once you have filled in the below form, you will receive a copy of the signed document via email.


Digital Wallet Account Information

Each AICAT student will receive a “Digital Wallet Account” – from which the students will pay all their tuition fees and flight fees directly to AICAT via standing order.
The farmers will deposit the student’s salaries, by the 10th of each month, directly into the digital wallet.

Fee for Opening “Digital Wallet Account”

There is a one-time fee of 35 shekels which includes:

  • SIM Card
  • 10GB Data package
  • 50 minutes of phone calls within Israel
  • Free incoming calls and SMS messages

There are NO monthly fees and the SIM card can then be recharged as needed.

A. Application
I, the undersigned, hereby request from Pai Pay Finance Ltd. (hereinafter: the “Company”) to issue for me a card and/or to
open for me a wallet according to the personal information provided below, and subject to the terms set forth in the
Agreement hereby attached. I am aware that the issuance of the card and/or the opening of the wallet is subject to your sole
discretion and you may, without giving reasons, refuse to issue for me a card and/or open for me a wallet. I declare and affirm
that the entire information I provide is full and true and I am aware that you shall be entitled to cancel the card and/or the
wallet if the said information is not full and/or true.