Welcome to the AICAT student’s annual photo contest


Here, if you are a present-day student you can upload your photo submissions (up to five (5) per student)  After your photos have been approved they will only then be visible in the gallery. Please note it could take up to 24 hours for approval.

Please remember to give your photo a title and a short description.

In the gallery, anyone is allowed to vote – with a daily limit of two (2) per day until the end of the contest. The more you share your photo with your friends and family, the more votes you can get!

Winners from each student group will be chosen both by the number of votes they received in the gallery and by independent judges.

The contest is open until midnight on the 10th of February 2024. – all entries and votes after that date will not be accepted

Rules and Guidelines

All submissions must follow the guidelines for the AICAT Student Photo Contest 2024:

The contest is open ONLY to present-day students presently studying at AICAT!

Photos must be good representations of the name of the contest ” A Day in the Life of an AICAT Student”

Each student can enter a maximum of five (5) photos into the contest.

Anyone can vote up multiple times during the contest but please note votes are limited to two votes per day.

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