Bad Debts – Peter Temple

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Meet Jack Irish, criminal lawyer, debt collector, football lover, turf watcher, trainee cabinetmaker, and one of the best crime characters ever created. When Jack receives a puzzling message from a jailed ex-client heג€™s too deep in misery over Fitzroyג€™s latest loss to take much notice. Next thing Jack knows, the ex-clientג€™s dead and heג€™s been drawn into a life-threatening investigation involving high-level corruption, dark sexual secrets, shonky property deals, and murder. With hitmen after him, shady ex-policemen at every turn, and the body count rising, Jack needs to find out whatג€™s going onג€”and fast. The first novel in the iconic Jack Irish series, Bad Debts was originally published in 1996 and won the Ned Kelly Award for Best First Novel. Peter Temple went on to win the Miles Franklin Award in 2010 for Truth as well many other awards and accolades both in Australia and internationally.



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January 24, 2022