Bones of the Lost – Kathy Reichs

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She could be anybody ™s daughter, sister, friend. But no one knew the secrets her fatal injuries reveal. . . . An unidentified teenage girl is struck down and left to die along a stretch of Charlotte, North Carolina, highway. In the lab, the bruise patterns tell Tempe that this hit-and-run was no accident. Meanwhile, Tempe is called on to analyze a bizarre shipment confiscated by U.S. Customs ” mummified Peruvian dogs, antiquities that may have been smuggled in by a Desert Storm vet. Two disparate cases, too many mysteries, and turmoil in her personal life push Tempe to the brink. Then a chilling link emerges between the South American artefacts, the death of a prominent Charlotte businessman whose name turned up in the dead girl’s purse, and the nightmare reality of human trafficking . . . and Tempe must race to protect her community, her family, and herself.


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January 24, 2022